Game Show: A Free Way to Introduce Your Games to Chinese Publishers


Game Show is an online service free of charge provided by YouXiTuoLuo(Chinese: 游戏陀螺), the leading press media on games industry in China and also the parent platform of Gamegyro.

If you are looking for Chinese publishers or publishers outside of China for your mobile games, you can submit us your product information( including screenshot etc), then your game(s)information will be published on our website and our official WeChat account. If any publishers are interested in your products, they will contact you directly.

Game Show

This is all free. As far as we know, many game developers especially developers outside of China have a hard time looking for (Chinese) publishers and they do have some great games, we would like to help. To our delight, since its launch, Game Show has been very popular. To date, we have exposed 350 mobile games to our audience and those game developers received some fantastic feedbacks.

As China is becoming the world’s largest market for mobile games, more and more developers outside of China would like to enter Chinese market but also get confused by China’s fragmented android market. If you are also looking for Chinese publishers, please feel free to contact me.

Name: Echo Zeng

Here’s the 350th example(in Chinese): 

About YouXiTuoLuo(Chinese:游戏陀螺), written in Chinese, is the parent platform of Gamegyro. Established in Steptember,2012 and headquartered in Shenzhen, YouXiTuoLuo has offices in Beijing and Chengdu.

YouXiTuoLuo raised RMB20 million in Serials A round of funding in September,2014.

As the first press media covering mobile games industry, YouXiTuoLuo currently focuses on pan game industry, not only covering mobile games, but also HTML5 games, TV games, AR/VR, smart hardware and third-party service etc.

Besides press platform, YouXiTuoLuo also provides WeRec–mobile game recording SDK, and organizes various events to help game companies.


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